Nanjing, China and Camarillo, CA -  GenScript Biotech Corporation, a world leading bio-pharmaceutical CDMO company, has entered into an exclusive strategic drug development cooperation with REMD Biotherapeutics Inc. (hereinafter REMD) on several bispecific antibodies.

According to the Agreement, GenScript will allow REMD to use its SMAB (Single-Domain Antibody fused to Monoclonal Ab) Platform, a bispecific antibody platform, to develop novel tumor immunotherapy drugs. GenScript will help REMD with candidate bispecific antibody drug development and provide a variety of technical support and services. REMD will pay GenScript service fees, commercialization milestone payments and a certain percentage of its global sales revenue of the pertaining products after launch.

“We are glad to enter into a strategic cooperation with GenScript on bispecific antibody drugs,” said Dr. Hai Yan, co-founder and CEO of REMD, “At REMD, we focus on the development of novel antibody drugs. Our core R&D scientists are recruited from Amgen's team. Our clinical product, anti-glucagon receptor REMD-477 is under Phase II clinical trials in the US for treatment of different types of diabetes, and has added heart failure as its new indication. Over the years, REMD has worked closely with GenScript on innovative drug discovery and development, and produced quite a collection of novel antibody molecules. We believe in time the special SMAB Platform will create more unique molecules for tumor immunotherapy. Our cooperation with GenScript allows us to join forces, which will bring us GenScript's platform and experience in antibody drug research and development and expand our novel antibody drug pipelines.”

Dr. Brian Min, CEO of Biologics Development Business Unit of GenScript, attended the signing ceremony. “We are happy to see scientists who are previously coworkers at Amgen are starting a new journey together. And we are honored that our SMAB Platform is deepening our strategic partnership with REMD. Empowered by this one-stop bispecific antibody development platform, REMD is actively engineering antibody drugs against tumors, and exploring and shaping the landscape of the next-generation antibody immunotherapy. Supported by the outstanding developability and simpler production processes of SMAB Platform, as well as rich drug development experience and highly-coordinated team of REMD, we expect more patients will benefit from better treatments soon."

About GenScript’s SMAB Platform

Bispecific antibodies are artificially engineered antibodies capable of binding with two different epitopes of an antigen. Compared with mAb (monoclonal antibodies), they are proven by many studies to have better potency and improved safety. Among various bispecific antibody platforms, GenScript’s SMAB Platform is highly distinctive in that it creates such hybrids by fusing sdAb (single-domain antibody) to mAb, the most natural bispecific antibodies in the world that require no sequence mutation and minimum engineering. Being natural mitigates many problems with traditional bispecific antibody platforms, including immunogenicity risks, developability issues and mass production difficulties. It would take only 3-5 months for SMAB screening and evaluation and 14-15 months for preclinical CMC development, which is highly efficient and produces deliverables with equivalent developability as monoclonal antibodies. In addition, the flexibility of sdAb enables SMAB to bind with hidden epitopes such as enzymes and ionic pathways, and allows an easy engineering of multivalent molecules, thus significantly boosting its application value.

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